Excerpt - Fairy Tales of Our Grandmothers 

Fairy Tales of Our Grandmothers is ideal for those still seeking to discover their  role in the world, for those who enjoy nature and the beauty of the Earth and sky, and for those who are open to exploring and meeting challenges with new friends—Forest Friends. In these pages I invite you to come along with three young princesses who, one cloudy afternoon, disappear from their garden and find themselves among all manner of friends – and foes.

Lured into the wild forest around their palace by nursemaid Joana, Princesses Elene, Slava, and Anat are suddenly on their own. Abandoned in the middle of the forest, where night becomes blacker than any darkness you can imagine, and is finally impenetrable, the girls have no choice but to stop and rest.  Unknown to them, while they sleep, three Fates approach them, forecasting the destiny of each.  

As predicted, all three girls are sent to one of three distinct realms. Slava is given life in the Setting Sun-Lowerworld; Anat in the Rising Sun-Middleworld, and Elene in the Sitting Sun-Upperworld.  And in each of these worlds, the girls are destined to experience a uniquely necessary dynamic of life, in which love has its own particular identity. In their journeys, they   also happen upon various ancestors, make new friends, and help many others.

When Elene, the eldest, opens her eyes in the Sitting-Sun realm, she finds herself surrounded by deities of other cultures, mythic creatures,  and Guardian Angels, many of whom offer divine assistance. Pervading all, the very Source of Life introduces Elene to different planetary energies. She then rises out of this time, enters the orbit of lunar consciousness, and experiences the attraction of the energies that create life --vital life force. Meanwhile, Slava, the middle girl, finds herself standing in the foothills of a mountain range, a place of extreme danger but also a place of learning. Here she’s told about the squabbles of Wolf Derek and Red Fox Grandmother. Coming to rest by a mountain stream, Slava encounters Veles, Lord of the Lowerworld, and her life takes an unusual turn – aboard a magic carpet!

Anat, the third girl, follows a young boy and, after a while, feels her body becoming like the constantly flowing water of the Middleworld. At the same time, she feels like the stars, tossed randomly across the sky. This is a realm of mythic creatures, animal allies, and even regular people. Anat meets Wizard Rupert, Hasterman-taterman, who is master of the rivers, three goofy golems, and the frog Lily, who helps in her adventures.

It’s a gorgeous day in summer when the sisters are at last reunited.  In their many years apart,  they’d found their own ancestors, along with many other wise ones.  The legacy of these helpers is an understanding beyond words, including knowledge of the past, the present, and the future.

Finally, everything ends awash in love, especially when the girls meet each other and then their parents, who had missed them so terribly. The Fates must have seen this outcome, for where there is love, there is usually a good ending, and where there is a good ending, there is sure to be a good beginning, as you will find in these stories. 

Karel Hlobil 2011 Picture Waterman spirit- Hasterman-taterman by Jan Patrick Krasny  All rights reserved

Forest Friends and the
Three-Headed Dragon

One peaceful afternoon in the Kingdom of King Charles, the golden disc of the sun blazed like a fireball in the centre of the blue sky. It beamed down upon the heads of children, parents, forest friends, and the entire kingdom. Everyone admired the red glow of the sun’s rays glimmering on the surface of rivers and lakes, and down onto the lowland where log and stone houses huddled close together, and villages sparkled bright under the sun’s rays. No matter how burning hot the golden sun became, it could never penetrate the walls of King Charles’s castle.

For one week, the whole kingdom had celebrated victory over the evil, green Dragon Drak, who was destroyed by the forest animals working with three brave boys named Michael, Alex and Kevin.

Dragon Drak had three heads, and each one emitted fire as though from a soldering torch; jets of fire were Drak’s weapon. He was massive and powerful, able to cover long distances on wings so huge that when he flew, he blotted out the sun. Drak created windstorms wherever he landed, damaged trees and forest animals wherever he moved. The devastation he left, and his evil temper, made Drak a danger to anyone who approached him.

Many attempts by princes, warriors and knights failed to conquer Drak, who had imprisoned three young girls in his cave. After the dragon had gorged himself one time, the forest friends - including ants, eagles, fish, fox, bear, wasps and many others - helped Michael, Alex and Kevin destroy the dragon. The brothers and their friends were able to destroy Drak simply by pressing on the right ear of his weaker middle head.

Drak burst into many pieces and changed shape shifted into a condor. He flew away to his dark kingdom, leaving only fire and an evil smell behind him, an odor like a sweating skunk. Very few in the Kingdom realized that Drak possessed more than one life, and was not gone forever.

The love, determination and friendship of all the animals and the boys finally conquered the dragon, at least for a while.
Artist- Howard David Johnson All rights reserved

Forest Friends and the
Three Dragons

One day the sun dropped behind the line of treetops on the far side of the castle where the three boys - Michael, Kevin and Alex – were staying. Life in the Kingdom of King Charles had seemingly returned to normal. Even the river bank, polluted with filth by the dragon, had become clean again, and children could play on the riverbank as they always had only King Charles missed his three daughters.

Ant Ferda, Carni the deer and his family, together with many new and old friends helped bring back princesses Daisy, Lola and Kody, who vanished exactly one year prior to Dragon Drak’s invasion.

Boys Michael, Kevin and Alex and their animal friends were ready to help King Charles bring back his treasures- his three girls and restore love and hope in the Kingdom again.

After many tests, obstacles and adventures, boys met Fairy lady and hers dog Dean and cat Floppy, who invited them to her magical house with twelve doors, leading to the different realms, where boys and there’s friends met water nymph Vila Rusalka, King of Animals, Cerridwen and Wizard who lived in old ancient Oak tree, and whose blood dries up in the night like dry river. He was Lord of Dragons, who only could go among the dead in the dark land and return. Dragon Drak (Earth) had two brothers, Dragon Desert and Dragon Sun who lived in different realms, and they were also friendly to the Mother Earth.

The oldest Drak was destroyer of all nature, wherever he flew, and his dark Kingdom, filled with ugly, dangerous creature’s crushers, who were able to streak any second.

Each brother kept one princess in theirs castles, but Drak was mean and danger to anybody, even his two brothers were afraid of him.

After the big, like war, boys and animals with the help of Wizard conquered the bad Dragon Drak who ruined nature and creation, because Drak had not lived or acted according the Dragons’ Law.

The period of darkness and shadow was gone and smile and happiness had come to the Charles Kingdom.

Princesses Kody, Lola and Daisy joined each other company again with his father King and his entire Kingdom.

The whole Kingdom celebrated the reunion, where sun, happiness and love came back, stronger than never before, and this blessed period has lasted into on own time.


Artist-Jan Patrick Krasny  All rights reserved